June 16, 2022

The Waban Common Board continues its stewardship over our priceless garden jewel. Since last October, we conducted both a fall clean-up and a spring clean-up. Under the leadership of Barbara Brustowicz and Tom Elkind, we participated in Newton Serves in early May and, with the help of Scout Troop 9, spread the city-supplied mulch in the flower beds. Our neighbors are now enjoying the fruits of those labors with the blooming of our beautiful perennials.

Last year, a Waban resident approached our leadership and asked if we would entertain the thought of installing a sculpture on Waban Common. This thoughtful person offered a generous contribution to finance such an installation, with no suggestions as to what we might consider as its subject. We researched several sculptors locally, regionally and nationally, and were able to identify a sculptress with ties to our village of Waban with whom we have contracted to produce a whimsical, fun, safe, piece of art that all of us will enjoy.

Throughout the fall, winter and spring, the Executive Board has been working behind the scenes gathering approvals from the City and working with well-known Newton sculptress, Nancy Schon, to contract with her to create an original bronze sculpture that is now being manufactured at the foundry and which we hope to install either this fall or next spring on the southern portion of Waban Common under the crown of the stately oak tree.

In discussions with Mrs. Schon, our Board determined that we wanted her to create a caterpillar for us. The resulting sculpture will be about eight feet long and about two feet in diameter. We envision this whimsical art work as a focal point for kiddie and adult enjoyment. We are fortunate to have engaged Nancy Schon. We are also fortunate to have our anonymous donor reach out to us and we are eternally grateful to her for her kindness to our village.