October 14, 2021 was a warm fall morning during which Newton’s Parks and Recreation Department installed our long-awaited picnic/game table on the cement pad installed earlier in September by the City’s Department of Public Works. The table is manufactured by the same company that manufactured the eight benches on the site and is a pleasing stylistic match. The table seats 6 people plus a person in a wheelchair and has a black and red chess/checkerboard imbedded in the center of the table top. It is located on the northeast corner of Waban Common, close to Beacon Street (and the Big Belly trash collection device). DPW will return in the near future to do some post-installation grading, followed by Parks and Rec who will install the rubber grass mats which will enable grass seed to grow through them, but still will provide easy access for any handicapped visitors. The table was purchased with a donation by the Slotnick Family in memory of their parents who were long-time Waban residents.