Waban Common is finally electrified! Check out the LED lights embedded in both walls. They are programmed to be on in the evenings and are both elegant and useful! Thanks to Waban Common, Inc.’s Treasurer, Tom Elkind, for his persistence in working with Eversource to bring power to the island.

Lots of perennials have been planted and there are plans to plant spring-blooming bulbs soon.  Thanks to our Gardening Group for this effort: Barbara Brustowicz, Gail Wintersteiner, Lise Elkind and Linda Crowe.

The cement pads for wheelchair access at the sides of the four benches on the north half of Waban Common are now installed and usable.

A bike rack will be installed in the berm near the corner of Beacon and Collins Road.

A sign describing Waban Common, Inc., as an Adopt-a-Space Project will be installed by the City at the corner of Beacon and Waban Ave. 

Thank you to Parks and Rec’s Commissioner Bob DeRubeis and Open Space Coordinator Luis Perez Demorizi; DPW’s Commissioner Jim McGonagle and Director of Operations Shane Marc; Transportation Division’s Nina Wang and Transportation Planning’s Director, Nicole Freedman. And a special thank you to Councilor John Rice for facilitating the many meetings that have brought us along to near completion of our improvement plan for Waban Common. It will be a while until we install our concrete picnic/game table, since we must wait for an engineering design that is ADA compliant before we can move forward with that.